Asbury Park Vegan Food Festival is May 18 & 19!

About The Vegan Local

The Vegan Local is an online vegan specialty market that features the best vegan food made by local chefs, bakers and makers from across the United States.

When you place an order, the maker creates whatever goodness you ordered and it is shipped to you fresh.

Most products are shipped once a week, but some are shipped daily or 3 times a week -- check the shipping details on a product's page if you need more info or contact us at if you want your delivery for a specific date.

The price for all our products and packages includes ground shipping - if you'd like your package sent overnight or 1 day shipping, let us know!

Our Story: We are two friends that really wanted vegan pizza and to reach that goal, we started hosting vegan food festivals around New Jersey in 2016. When the pandemic shut all our food festivals down in 2020, we launched the Vegan Local as a way to support our vendors, keep our community together and continue eating vegan pizza.


Random Things to Know about the Vegan Local

  • Our makers take a lot of care in making their food - they use quality ingredients and everything they create is the result of years of work.
  • We are vegans and we make sure everything on our site is vegan as well. We aren't messing around. We got you on this, vegans and friends!
  • We love talking about food and creating special packages.
  • We believe that eating good food together with friends and family is important and everyone is welcome with us.
  • We believe in community and making people happy - if you have any questions or special requests, please let us know! 
  • Marisa is an Registered Dietician, President-Elect of the New Jersey of Nutrition and Dietetics and Owner of Be Well Integrative Health Services. She also has a dog named Franklin.
  • Kendra hasn't had a car since 2003 and gets around on foot or bike and has a good Facebook personality. She worked as a dog walker for 15 years before launching the New Jersey Vegan Food Festival series. She is also great at naps.