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Sattva Vida

New York City, New York

From Founder, Karen Lauterstein: After 20 years in Corporate America, I left the 9-5 in 2014 to follow my passions and entrepreneurial drive. I went to Sivananda Ashram to get certified as a yoga teacher - a long- time dream. At the Ashram I had the sincere joy of eating clean, home cooked, simple vegetarian food all month long, and was inspired to launch Sattva Vida. 

I love fresh, wholesome food with simple, healthy ingredients. So many people in today’s busy world grab processed snacks or sugar-filled energy bars that contain complex ingredients with names no one can pronounce. Many protein bars are simply glorified candy bars.

I launched Sattva Vida to help people get back to eating and enjoying simple, fresh food. Sattva Vida creates artisan snacks that are great for the body, soul and taste buds. Join me down this healthy, delicious new path!

Sattva Vida

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