Asbury Park Vegan Food Festival is May 18 & 19!

Tampa, Florida

3BAR products are inspired by CEO/Vegan Badass, Erin DeMarines’s, grandma’s homemade cookies. At the inception of 3BAR, Erin was determined to match the delicious flavor of her childhood in a nutritionally-balanced and vegan energy bar. As a sponsored triathlete, she knew she needed more than just flavor when fueling for her competitions. 

Erin started running at age 4 and fitness remains a huge part of her life. In addition to operating 3BAR, she is a personal trainer. Erin’s dad (who is still running in his 70s) took her on her first run as a young girl and continues to motivate her. Erin follows in his footsteps with her own family. She enjoys running, working out, and even surfing with her husband and daughter.


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