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Homemade Betty Untamed Goddess March Moon Box Limited Edition - Free Shipping

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Homemade Betty: Somerset, New Jersey

We are very excited to have Homemade Betty creating a series of Limited Edition Moon Boxes for the Vegan Local! 

This box is only available for 2 weeks! 


Each Box will include:


  • Homegrown Eucalyptus to hang in your shower- Induces stress relief and calmness
  • Purifying Bath/Foot Soak- This healing bath soak helps enhance your intuition, healing and allows you to relax during the March moon cycles.
  • Moon Bed Spray- Full Moon Bed Spray is filled with Protective Rosemary. Helps Protect, Cleanse and Purify
  • Selenite- This stone is for good luck, protection and soothing peace. Carry in a purse, placed in sacred space or under a pillow.
  • Harmonious Lotion- Luxurious lotion to help calm the mind and aid in the healing process.
  • Moon Temple Oil- Giving your skin a deep pull for harmonizing feminine energy and enhancing your clairvoyance during the moon cycle


Herbs supporting during the March Lunar cycle-


Rosemary- Cleansing, Protection and Purification. This herb is also recommended for Aquarius and the rise of Pisces

Sage- Enhance Intuition and Healing. This herb is also recommended for Aquarius and the rise of Pisces

Pink Salt - Allow to release. Important in the world we live in today.

Anise Hyssop- Healing and Purifying

Ylang Ylang - Harmonizing Feminine energy

Lavender - Clairvoyance, Purification and Peace


Each box will include detailed instructions on how to use each product during certain times of the month and intentions to help guide you through the moon cycles.


Each box is handcrafted and most herbs and oils are grown on our family farm.

All ingredients are certified cruelty free, organic and we are a zero-waste company. Please reuse your empty jars after use.


At Homemade Betty we are proud to be a zero-waste company! Everything Homemade Betty --their ingredients, their in-house cleaning supplies and their manufacture is zero waste! Homemade Betty is also excited to be getting ready to open a zero-waste store in the future..

Homemade Betty's Limited Edition Moon Boxes are shipped once a month -- orders should be placed by the March 1

Contact for gifting!

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