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Poutine Brothers

Los Angeles, California


Poutine Brothers are bringing Canada's national dish, poutine, to vegans everywhere! What is poutine, you ask? It's a base of double-fried french fries topped with cheese and gravy.

Poutine Brothers was founded by Chris and Matt, two brothers who grew up playing club hockey and frequently touring throughout Canada. Imagine being a young boy and discovering a meal in which french fries are a key ingredient... it was love at first bite. They developed the concept for Poutine Brothers as adults, and after a test run among friends, realized they had a business opportunity on their hands. They promptly quit their corporate jobs in marketing and accounting, and Poutine Brothers was born.

Poutine Brothers have hit a chord with the vegan community with their original vegan poutine. Their vegan poutine is also gluten-free!

Poutine Brothers

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