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My Favorite Summer Comfort Foods

My Favorite Summer Comfort Foods

Hello vegans and friends! Here is my first blog post for the Vegan Local!  

It seems very weird to have to mention we are in a global pandemic and it seems even weirder to say since where are in a global pandemic, here are my current favorite comfort foods, but here we are.  I think vegans really get how important the community around food is - the rituals, the gatherings, and raising a toast with people we love - so I think you will probably get this too. 

Anyhow, now that I've reminded everyone that we are in a pretty strange place in history right now, here's my current favorite summer treats on the Vegan Local.

Both today's picks remind me of summer road trips growing up - you know piling in a car and then spending the next 2 weeks fighting and friending with your siblings - and it's nice to have these flavors remind me of all those summer vacation without me actual leaving my apartment.

First up, is My Brittle. On summer road trips, we used to stop at roadside stands and get boxes of peanut brittle, so when I first discovered My Brittle at the 2019 New Jersey Vegan Food Festival, I totally freaked out in the best possible way. Sweet, salty, melty and crunchy all at once, I would totally give this New Jersey grown vegan peanut brittle I hug if I could. 

New Jersey's MyBrittle was created in 20 years ago during a stressful final exam week and I really want to thank the relative who said "hey, you should try selling your peanut brittle," because they were right. If you ever have a relative or friend tell you should sell something you make, I'm probably going to be all in on whatever it is.

My other pick for today is Tuck-Ins, an inside out s'more on a stick. My friend Dawn let me know about these a couple months ago and changed my life. 

Tuck-Ins are from Philadelphia and were created when sitting around a campfire, making s'mores and someone said "hey, what if we put the chocolate and graham cracker INSIDE the marshmallow?" MIND BLOWN.  These inside-out s'mores on a stuck should really be awarding-winning, so I can't wait until they win an award.

Memories of toasting a marshmallow and either getting it just right or setting it on fire and eating a piece of charcoal are good memories, no matter which way it turned out. I haven't been to any campouts of bonfires this summer, but I have toasted Tuck-Ins over my favorite burner on my stove and get this - you don't even have to toast them! Still yummy without melting!

Tuck-Ins vegan version is made from one of my favorite vegan miracle foods - aquafaba. I'm pretty sure only a vegan would say "hey, this chickpea liquid left in the can would make a great marshamllow," and end up being totally right.

Tuck-Ins are also gluten-free, so gluten-free fans you can enjoy the melty, gooey goodness too.

I hope you all have a sweet summer full of making fond memories, no matter where you are, friends.



  • Kendra Arnold